Ubm Agri Trade was established in 2017 as a Romanian-Hungarian partnership with strong knowledge on the regional grain and cereal trading market.

Ubm Agri Trade operates on the entire Romanian territory to sell and store cereals and oilseeds, including wheat, corn, barley and sorghum, vegetable oils and meal. We have a stable presence in the Romanian agricultural market, we ensure the transport of goods to our customers, and we are constantly changing to ensure the best services.

The quality of the goods and the logistical flexibility allow us to offer a significant value to our customers. We work closely with warehouses across the country and are in constant contact with our partners to ensure the best quality and the best services.

Soybean meal is an ideal protein supplement for all types of feed.

When blended with corn or grain sorghum, soybean meal provides a good balance of all the essential amino acids needed.

Soybean meal is the most popular source of protein used in animal feed. Contains high levels of protein, amino acids, minerals / vitamins.

Soybean meal matches or exceeds all other common plant proteins in both total and digestible amino acid content.

Company's Vision

Our vision is to become a constant supplier and a reliable partner of the Romanian farmers, meat producers and processors within the country and abroad. Our mission is to deliver high quality merchandise at competitive prices so that our relationships with our partners become our business card.

  • Integrity

    We let the results speak for itself and we are open to new partnerships, we are objective in every activity, so ethics and professionalism become basic coordinates.

  • Team Spirit

    The success of any company is in the team that builds, develops and gradually transforms into a family, encourages transparent communication, active listening, innovation, creativity and collaboration.

  • Punctuality

    We stand along our partners in fulfilling the promises made and we give great importance to punctuality. A satisfied customer contract is a won partner to our portfolio.

  • Responsability

    We agree that our actions must respect the interests of society. Above all, our products and services serve the interests of people's safety, responsible use of resources and environmental protection.