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Ubm Agri Trade engages in the development of agriculture and operates through awareness of the company's social responsibility and awareness of the fact that it offers subsistence to successful agricultural enterprises.

The development of the Ubm Group and the investments have made it possible the sponsorship of children foundation – The Smile Foundation.

The Smile Foundation was set up in 2009 to help and support the education and growth of children in a family and pedagogical environment where, beyond the aspiration to achieve and develop intellectually, there is an emphasis on educating children and young people to live a healthy life; in other words, to support and integrate these children into the social environment, the skills and values ​​that can really help in integrating into society.

These programs are frequented by about 2,000 children each year in Budapest, Pécs and Debrecen.

At the therapy sessions, experts combine elements of psychology, stories and arts therapy. Their activities are carried out in close collaboration with healthcare professionals and, consequently, medical treatments and psychological rehabilitation are mutually reinforcing and have a combined impact to facilitate lifelong recuperation.

Smile Foundation collaborates with employees of medical institutions and assumes responsibility for professional and organizational work as well as for attracting the necessary funds.

With the help of accredited experts, consistently developed methods, a strict monitoring system and transparent operation, the Smile Foundation strives to ensure that its complementary services are always available to children in difficulty and their families.

The UBM Group has joined as the main sponsor of the Foundation's sporting events. In addition to raising funds and donating, the Ubm Group runs the Smile Relay event organized each summer at the Ultrabalaton Run.

To accomplish this event, the Foundation carries out the following activities:

How does the Ubm Group contribute to all this?

"Grow Up in Happiness" publishes and distributes children's books and stories that shape the views and perspectives of children, and directly contributes to children's emotional growth, building their self-esteem and self-confidence.

With the support of the UBM Group, the Foundation published a series of children's books called Zűrutazások I. II. III. (Zilemea I, II and III), where Zelemér, the narrator, speaks to young children of school age about their most frequent emotional problems (volume I), school difficulties (volume II) and family life issues (Volume III), as well as solutions and ways to address these types of issues.

In 2013, the Foundation launched an online program that supports the mental and psychological health of children and young people, called "EGY HAJÓBAN webezünk", the implementation of which is supported by the UBM Group. An interactive psychological help portal is also being developed to help children and teenagers with emotional problems as well as their parents.

Children are the future!