About Ubm Agri Trade


Romanian agriculture has become over the years a benchmark on the European agricultural market with over 23,550,000 tons of grains produced only in 2017. Due to the port of Constanța, Galați, Brăila Harbor and the Danube River, Romania managed to win over the years important investments from multinational companies, making it one of the major agricultural players on the European agricultural market.

Ubm Agri Trade was established in 2017 as a Romanian-Hungarian partnership with strong knowledge on the regional grain and cereal trading market. Ubm Agri trade focuses on the growth of the local feed industry, compared to the already existing multinationals on the agricultural market, whose aim is, in particular, export.

In 2017, Romania produced about 250,000 tons of soybeans, considered an enormous quantity for Romania's agricultural area.

This amount, however, is not enough to meet the needs of the growing livestock industry.

Ubm Agri Trade offers for sale soybean meal with a high protein content, which makes it a rich dietary supplement that integrates perfectly into the animal diet.

In addition to the soybean meal trade, Ubm Agri Trade also targets other cereal products such as corn, soybean, sunflower, buying and selling these products at the best prices.

Ubm Agri Trade offers competitive prices, professional services and, last but not least, the advantage of negotiating when large quantities are involved.

The company's belief is that the adaptability to a dynamic market and the flexibility of the team are the premises for the consolidation of professional relationships for a medium and long term.

The majority shareholder in Ubm Agri Trade, Ubm Agro Inc. has been developing for over 20 years in Hungary activities that include retail and wholesale of all products used in animal feed (cereals, oilseeds) and nutritional supplements (proteins, minerals, additives).

In Romania, the UBM Group strengthens its position on the Romanian market by setting up Ubm Agri Trade, for grain trading, but also by building a medium-sized combined feed plant in Sânpaul, Târgu Mureş County. The combined fodder plant in Târgu Mureş will have a production capacity of 30 tons/hour, resulting in a total of 220,000 tons / year.

By building these facilities in Romania, UBM facilitates its access not only to the areas situated near the border with Hungary, being closer to the central agricultural region of Romania - a market 2,5 times bigger than the Hungarian one –

Ubm Agri Trade wants to become one of the main suppliers of soybean meal in Romania in the next five years.

We rely on growth and success, efficiency and profitability. These objectives are the top priorities for the Ubm Agri Trade team.

We are proud of our motivated and efficient team that meets the standards of quality and integrity and develops into a dynamic business environment.

Vision, Mission & Values

The Vision is to become a constant supplier and a reliable partner of the Romanian farmers, meat producers and processors within the country and abroad.

The Mission is to deliver high quality merchandise at competitive prices so that our relationships with our partners become our business card.

Our values are:

Integrity – a concept that talks about consistent actions, according to values, methods and measurement elements, as well as reporting on principles and expectations that can be verified by results. We let the results speak for itself and we are open to new partnerships, we are objective in every activity, so ethics and professionalism become basic coordinates.

Team spirit – The success of any company lies within the team that builds, develops, and gradually transforms into a family - we encourage transparent communication, active listening, innovation, creativity and collaboration.

Punctuality – We stand along our partners in fulfilling the promises made and we give great importance to punctuality. A satisfied customer contract is a won partner to our portfolio.

Responsability - We agree that our actions must respect the interests of society. Above all, our products and services serve the interests of people's safety, responsible use of resources and environmental protection.

Ubm Agri Trade believes in strong relationships based on trust, professionalism, competitive prices and prompt deliveries.

Growing our portfolio client and contractual relationships can only be achieved through fairness, quality of service, and last but not least, focus on the customers needs.

We are starting long-lasting partnerships because we believe in the loyalty, consistency and maturity of our actions.

We remain loyal to rules that guide our work:

We are Ubm Agri Trade Srl.