UBM Group

The companies belonging to the UBM Group operate on two major segments in the agricultural market:

The holding of the companies is held by UBM Trade Zrt. which has 8 owners, each one with a minority stake in business.

UBM Trade Zrt. holds the other subsidiaries that belong to the Group directly and indirectly established.

The most important companies are those with the highest annual turnover.

Ubm Trade Zrt.

This company does not carry out explicit activities, the role being strictly ownership rights and holding shares of companies active in the business.

Ubm Trade Zrt serves as the parent company for the other businesses, is at the top of the holding company hierarchy. The owners of the Group are Hungarian individuals without a dominant majority stake and with decades of experience in the industry. They are an active presence in the life of the company group for more than 20 years.

UBM Trade Zrt. is at the peak of the holding organisation, which exercises control over the other businesses.

Ubm Feed

The Business Feed line began working at UB Merchants Ltd. in 2003. Its market activity began with the trade of feed additives was extended by the establishment of the Környe plant at Deva Feed Ltd. in autumn 2004. With this step, the Business Feed line - together with UB Merchants Ltd. - has become an important participant of Hungarian agriculture in the production and distribution of feed.

Since the beginning of 2009, the company has started to produce its own feed mixtures in the Környe mill. These products combine the traditions and reliability of the "Környe-Táp" brand, which has been successful in the past with modern technology and updated content.

The product expansion line has made UBM Feed Ltd. possible to become a major factor in the group of companies that integrates the Business Line of UB Merchants Ltd. and Deva Feed Trade Ltd.

Ubm Grain

Ubm Grain purchases products mainly in Hungary and sells them both on the domestic market and abroad. The most important countries are Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Greece. Adjusted to the targeted countries, goods can be transported by rail, road or water.

Over the years, the annual turnover of this line of business has constantly grown, involving both quantity and revenue. In order to expand and secure its commercial activity, the company permanently leases deposits in the Danube ports (Gönyű, Budapest-Csepel, Adony., Baja) and other parts of the country, consolidating the purchasing and building processes.

Ubm Agro Inc.

UBM Agro Inc. has specialized in the wholesale trade of soybean meal and other sources of protein. UBM Agro Inc. retains market leadership, given that the market is constantly changing and the demand is increasing.

The process of trading from feed department ( 60% ) is made by Ubm Agro. Ubm Agro has in its portfolio the factory from Szeleste and the Ma-ka factory. With a percentage higher than 75% the trading activity is led by Ubm Agro and the difference by Ubm Feed. Ubm Agro it has been a market leader since 1998.

Ubm Project Inc.

This company carries out operating activities and development of properties of the group and coordinates projects, investments in real estate. UBM Project Inc. operates the forage plant of the Környe group of companies and the Alsómocsolád pig farm, which serves as a reference site.

Ubm Project holds the mixing Plant in Környe, the Soybean Processing Plant in Környe and 3 flat stores each with a capacity of 6,000 tonnes, as well as the local warehouse capacity required for ready-made products.

Ubm Tranzit Zrt.

In addition to UBM Grain Inc., which operates in the field of cereals, oilseeds and soybeans, the management of the group of companies has set up UBM Tranzit Inc. to maintain the liquidity of active trade.

UBM Transit Inc. finances some of the above products and carries out public storage of specific batches. Public storage applies in particular to cases where high value goods are stored for a longer period. In this way, secure storage is possible without fixed working capital until commencement of production or transport of goods.

Ubm Merchants Ltd.

UB Merchants Ltd. was established in 1996. The core business of the company was the wholesale of grain feed materials.

UBM Ltd. has always puts a special emphasis on maintaining personal contact and establishing confidential relationships with customers since its establishment.

The goal has always been to expand the customer portfolio.

The strategy based on keeping close relationships has proven to be a success and has offered great flexibility compared to competitors.

Ubm Genetics

The business was launched in 2012 with the objective to provide UBM’s Partners with high level of professional assistance – besides feed consultancy services – in plant work organisation, breeding and genetic questions. It is the exclusive representative of the Dutch swine genetics company, the HYPOR brand in Hungary and in Central Eastern Europe.

The objective of introducing the brand in the region is to enhance pig farming results, improve efficiency and reduce unit costs.

This service is also provided by UBM in the region, completed with professional consultancy services, professional site supervision and full-ranging feed supply to ensure the most effective results.

Ubm Farm Zrt.

It was established with the aim of providing livestock farmers in Hungarian and Central European small-scale markets concentrates, fodder mixes, minerals and other feed additives.

Ubm Farms long-term goal is to maintain the value and reputation of the UBM brand "quality fodder" with customer focus, flexibility, precise work and services related to its products, to create value for its partners and customers so that it can reach first place in farming industry.

In addition to satisfying the domestic market needs, export activities also play an important role in UBM's strategy. With its high quality products, growing sales network, Ubm Farm strengthens its export market position.

Ubm Farm is constantly looking for new export opportunities and relationships in order to increase its customer portfolio.